MysEmpNovFoto1What do people call you (i.e. nicknames)? Poppa.

What do you like to do away from work (i.e. hobbies)? My wife and I are leaders of a couple’s bible study at our church. I also am a pretty gosh darn good “photograph taker guy.”

What is your most memorable moment in your life to date? My wedding day. I cried like a baby and took forever to say my vows. I think I will still cry when we do our vows renewal in 5 years.

Who do you most admire? My wife. She is so steady and perfect and, of course, gorgeous. She is my biggest fan and the person I can always turn to for wise counsel. She is a godly woman spoken of in Proverbs 31 and a wonderful prayer warrior. She’s the jelly in my donut.

What teacher made the greatest impact on your life and why? Mr. Bulter at Redlands High School. He was a very wise man with a sense of humor and was able to reach me and pull me out of my career as an introvert.

What is the most unique job you’ve held (outside SBCSS)? I used to say I was a rodeo clown for the laughs but unfortunately I have never had the pleasure. I think in terms of uniqueness I would say that I have being Cubmaster for my children’s cub scout pack was the most unique. I was ring master, politician, activist, CEO and fundraiser all in one. And so many whip cream pies to the face. Ask me about it.

How long have you worked for SBCSS? 20 glorious years. And I don’t look a day older. Seriously! I’m like, gorgeous. My skin is immaculate. I think it’s the air in the office.

What is the most unusual part of your job at SBCSS? I am one of the shortest people in the building, but a large part of my job is interacting with people in meetings, etc. My neck is killing me from having to look up and meet peoples eyes. Short people issues. The struggle is real.

How does your job connect to students? I think my job connects me to students through our abilitly to deliver the latest and greatest in techonology tools to the classroom. We provide technical skills development and training to teachers who in turn use that tech in instruction and in many cases the tech goes into the hands of the kids. And my wife and I have five children so we did our part to raise ADA levels in the county. Those kids are super bright as well. All from my wife mind you. Looks and brains from her. Height challenges and a fair bit of humor from me.

A gift certificate will be awarded to one employee randomly selected from all correct guesses. For the most recent contest, there were nine correct guesses of Candice Crump, nutrition educator for Network for a Health California. The winner of the drawing for the gift card is Alma Hernandez in the Local Control Accountability Plan office.