The East Valley SELPA Steering Committee is composed of the Special Education Directors of each participating LEA member of the East Valley Special Education Local Plan Area and the Area Director of the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office. The LEA special education directors are responsible as individuals for the operation of Local Education Agency programs to ensure that all eligible children with disabilities receive appropriate services.

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

  • Advising the SELPA Administrator and the Board of Directors regarding the status, accomplishments and needs of special education programs operated within the LEAs.
  • Providing leadership and support through inter-district relationships to implement the Local Plan, including any regionalized programs and services.
  • Coordinating and facilitating the day to day participation of LEA special education personnel and utilizing other available district resources to improve special education services in accordance with the provisions of the Local Plan and decisions made by the Board of Directors.
  • Participating in the development of appropriate special education services which will ensure that when specified in the pupil’s IEP, children with disabilities will have access to the same education programs as for non-disabled children; and programs and services will be equivalent to those of non-disabled children at the same grade/age level.
  • Assuring their LEA’s implementation of the Local Plan.


19-20 Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

Steering Committee Agendas and Minutes