The East Valley SELPA administrative team ensures the provision of compliant, efficient and effective special education services by its member districts to students with disabilities.  The team is a resource to all staff members and parents within the member districts.

Our Administration Team:

Dr. Patty Metheny, Administrator

The SELPA Administrator is responsible for developing and implementing procedures in accordance with the Board of Directors' policies.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, initiating proposed policies for adoption by the Board of Directors, serving as chairperson of SELPA Steering Committee, developing and implementing operating procedures, coordinating regionalized services, and representing the SELPA at local, regional and state meetings

Dr. Rick Homutoff, Program Manager

The Program Manager for Due Process coordinates due process and compliance issues activities on behalf of the member districts.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, assisting districts in mediations and fair hearings, providing information on state and federal laws, assisting districts with coordinated compliance review preparation, assisting districts with alternative dispute and facilitated IEP functions, and acting as a resource at Individual Education Program (IEP) team meetings.

Andrea Tennyson, Fiscal Consultant

The SELPA Consultant is responsible for coordinating the fiscal procedures and functions of the SELPA and acts in an advisory capacity to the districts regarding special education funding.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to developing annual income and expenditure budgets for the SELPA and its member districts as well as the Annual Budget Plan.

Anne-Marie Foley,Program Manager, Regional Services

The Program Manager for Regional Services coordinates ADR and compliance issues activities on behalf of the member districts. 

Tracy Schroeder, Program Manager Behavioral Health

The Program Manager for Behavioral Health coordinates ERMHS services and assessments.

Rosalva Contreras, Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for office and department operations as well as supporting the work of the SELPA administrator.  The Administrative Assistant is also the communications liaison with member districts and the public. 

The East Valley SELPA Bylaws have designated the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office as the Administrative Unit, Responsible Local Agency for the East Valley SELPA.