Currently, the California Department of Education (CDE) requires SELPAs and school districts to use the data reporting system called California Special Education Management Information System (CASEMIS).  The East Valley SELPA uses this system to submit student level data to the CDE on behalf of its member districts.  Each district is responsible for data entry into the online IEP program, WebIEP, and the program for transferring data to CASEMIS, the District Access (DA).  The East Valley SELPA supports districts with these functions for students with disabilities.

The DA Users Collaborative, a SELPA-wide workgroup, has been formed within the East Valley SELPA to support data reporting.  The DA Users Collaborative consists of support staff from each member district.  The workgroup meets four times a year to network and support each other in the usage of District Access (DA) and WebIEP.  At these meetings, users learn about the latest state CASEMIS information and updates to DA and WebIEP.  Their goal is to make the usage of DA and WebIEP uniform across all member districts.  Users are encouraged to bring their ideas and suggestions to improve data collection in both DA and WebIEP.